Diichaan - (DECLINED)

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Diichaan - (DECLINED)

Post by diichaan on Wed 17 Sep 2014, 12:40

1. In-game name: diichaan/purplEEE

2. Age: 14

3. Xfire: no have but ill download

4. Are you or have you been banned from any servers?: W y 6 and Think green

5. How long have you been playing COD?: 3 years

6. What are your previous clans?: Expired , oblivion , survivor , Anxious , TFA , chaos and more

7. How did you hear about us?: i know this clan long time ago

8. Why do you want to join ^9gag and what can you bring?: Cuz its good clan and i think its for me

9. What country you are located in?: Bulgaria / Sofia

10. Do you have the original CD KEY?: no

11. Do you have a TS3?: no

12. If you want to add any other information, type below:


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Re: Diichaan - (DECLINED)

Post by kcp on Wed 17 Sep 2014, 13:18

No! 14 years old ...


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Re: Diichaan - (DECLINED)

Post by voy4k on Wed 17 Sep 2014, 13:22

14 yo , no xf, no ts no cdkey. No chance at all mate. That's basic stuff you need to join serious clan.


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Re: Diichaan - (DECLINED)

Post by Fionix on Wed 17 Sep 2014, 13:27

No chance at all whats so ever. No xf, no ts, banned on two servers, you do not meet both of the only requirements we have. Declined.

^9gag / fionix


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Re: Diichaan - (DECLINED)

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