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Post by rastafak on Sat 20 Jul 2013, 22:49

1. In-game name:rastafak , rastz0r

2. Age:18

3. Xfire:pinger123

4. Are you or have you been banned from any servers?:Nope

5. How long have you been playing COD?:Since 06

6. What are your previous clans?: Cum'Spin , Addict , gg , Shuffin

7. How did you hear about us?:

8. Why do you want to join ^9gag and what can you bring?:

9. What country you are located in?: Venezuela

10. Do you have the original CD KEY?: Ofc i have

11. If you want to add any other information, type below: Im boy who like football and cod 1.1


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rastafak - (DECLINED) Empty Re: rastafak - (DECLINED)

Post by Fionix on Sat 20 Jul 2013, 23:50

Sorry man but you are too far away from us to become a member haha. Your ping would be above 200 i assume on our servers. Thanks for the application but for the reason I have stated it has been declined.

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