Denial - (DECLINED)

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Denial - (DECLINED)

Post by itsdenial on Wed 04 Jun 2014, 08:27

1. In-game name: denial

2. Age: 14

3. Xfire: faze100

4. Are you or have you been banned from any servers?: eh wy6 cause I was being an idiot back then

5. How long have you been playing COD?: 5-6 years with breaks..

6. What are your previous clans?: toxiic extraneous fatboyz ec eg sota rsf vicious (mD - cant remember any more

7. How did you hear about us?: saw an xfire link on one of the leaders status

8. Why do you want to join ^9gag and what can you bring?: Well i am skilled at OMP so i can bring some knowledge there and nadespots etc.. Am decent on brecourt axis anyways I want to join because its a good serious clan which is one of the best so far and would like to increase my experience by joining here (which probs i wont)

9. What country you are located in?: uk

10. Do you have the original CD KEY?: yes

11. Do you have a TS3?: yes

12. If you want to add any other information, type below: i know ill probably get declined but its worth a shot so well thx for reading


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Re: Denial - (DECLINED)

Post by Fionix on Wed 04 Jun 2014, 10:07

* You may only apply if you are 17 years of age or more.
* Only Polish players may apply to join ^9gag unless you have been invited to apply by Fionix or Marek.

Sorry but you do not match the above criteria, therefore the application has been declined.

^9gag / fionix

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