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Post by PHSIX on Mon 09 Nov 2015, 00:46

1. In-game name: PHYS1CS

2. Age: 18

3. Xfire: GSC: physics1803

4. Are you or have you been banned from any servers?: I've been banned due to an internal argument with Think#Laura a couple of months ago, unbanned

5. How long have you been playing COD?: 06, active playin since 11/12

6. What are your previous clans?: full member ones: ProG, Old.No7, And some old and other ones that are not worth mentioning

7. How did you hear about us?: Maaany funwars against 9gag, furthermore i've been watching your matches in cod1.1league.

8. Why do you want to join 9gag and what can you bring?: In the first place i like to be in Clans which use teamplay when it comes to playing a war, and from my point of view 9gag has got a big sense for teamplay and thats what i'm looking for. Secondly i like the maps you are playing in funwars (such as pavlov or, car omp) but i basically play every map. furthermore i think, that i can also improve my gameplay by playing with you guys. I want to bring wins, teamplay, loyalty and fun into the clan, and maybe i can teach you one or two good things, nades for example.

9. What country you are located in?: Germany

10. Do you have the original CD KEY?: Yep

11. Do you have TeamSpeak installed?: Of course.

12. Do you have the latest version of AC Veritas installed? Of course.

13. If you want to add any other information, type below:
Living in germany with roots in jugoslavia, i speak russian, english, german, and some words and sentences in polish as well. Im learning croatian/bosnian/serbian at the moment, and im pretty into sports and music. I like gaming in forms of teamplay-based matches and games.


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Post by Fionix on Mon 09 Nov 2015, 21:15

Spoke with most of the clan team mates and no one really knows you, the answer unfortunately is no.

^9gag / fionix

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