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Post by Carbon on Fri 26 Apr 2013, 09:29

hey guys i was wondering what's the meaning of your cod nicknames or why did you choose them Smile

i chose carbon because i listen a lot to hiphop music and carbon is one of my favorite singers
here is a sample of his music, too bad you can't understand the language Very Happy


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Post by Fionix on Sat 27 Apr 2013, 00:25

Haha nice, too bad we don't know the language indeed, what language is this? Romanian?

I have used Fionix as a nickname on a lot of different games/sites for a long time, to be honest I'm not too sure why I chose this nickname but I remember I liked the word 'phoenix' when I was a kid and watched Harry Potter back in the day haha. Maybe that's how I came up with 'Fionix'. Whatever the reason, I created it myself and there is only one Fionix Wink

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Gaming name Empty Re: Gaming name

Post by kroket on Sun 12 May 2013, 11:50

How i got the name kroketjAAh..

First in Cod 1 I was CruelKilluall, back when i was 12 haha.
My clanleader told me it was a stupid name so had to change it.

Thats how it became kroketpower and kroket. Now for all you good people who dont know what a kroket is.. Xd

A kroket is a typical dutch food that gets fried and eaten with a lot of mayonaise or mustard!
Gaming name Kroket

How i got to this name no idea, i just like krokets/

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Gaming name Empty Re: Gaming name

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